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This set includes: paraglider UP Ascent 4, harness Supair Evo Lite, rescue Independence Annular Evo, helmet Supair Pilot

4.735,00 €
Set: MountainUnit price
ParagliderUP Ascent 42.995 €
HarnessSupair Evo Lite970 €
RescueIndependence Annular Evo650 €
HelmetSupair Pilotenhelm120 €
Total4.735 €
Papillon Set pricenur 3.899 €

The Ascent 4 combines the safety typical of the EN-A class with a good portion of fun, which lasts long after the training. Matching: The all-round harness Supair Evo Lite, the rescue Annular Evo and the comfortable flying helmet Supair Pilot.

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