Footwear, paragliding boots

Proper footwear is a crucial factor for safe flying. Good paragliding boots keep your feet dry and warm. They offer special ankle reinforcement that protects your ankles even during bumpy landings. Other useful features include cushioned soles  closed loops to prevent that linen get entangled.
Our top recommendation is the Paratrekking 4 from Airstyle.

Amber-PUMA Black
165,00 €
Perfect for trekking and flying.
11,00 €
Outdoor Boots especially designed for Paragliding.
199,00 € 119,00 €
Black-Cool Dark Gray
165,00 €
The Sky GTX® is a lightweight boot with good cushioning and support, designed specifically to meet the requirements of paraglider pilots.
300,00 €
The Airborne model features an ankle protection system consisting of removable stiff shanks which support the ankle and help protect it from shocks, even violent ones, especially on landing.
259,00 €