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Independence NG light


The new series of optimized cross caps in lightweight construction

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The brand new X-Flare concept of the NG series consists of precisely calculated triangular flares inserted over the entire canopy. The X-flares ensure even load distribution and, in combination with the individually graduated line lengths, a very low canopy height with an almost uncurved top surface.

As a positive side effect, the canopy volume and the canopy base, which is important for opening behavior, are significantly smaller. This shortens the filling time and thus the opening time. High opening safety is achieved by the graduated line lengths. When packed, the rescue system offers plenty of surface area for reliable opening.

The projected area increases to the maximum. This increases effectiveness and reduces the sink rate. The result is an excellent sink rate of just over 5 m/s at maximum trailer load for all sizes of the NG series. This corresponds to a jump from a height of about 1.30 m. Defined outlet openings at all four corners and individually graduated line lengths ensure extremely low sway.

Due to the low canopy height and the X-Flares, which absorb a disproportionately high load, the base could be realized largely without reinforcing straps. This ensures low mass, which makes an additional contribution to fast opening at slow speeds.


  • Available in 3 sizes, certified according to EN12491
  • New, innovative X-Flare concept for high efficiency
  • Excellent sink rates, each just over 5 m/s, equivalent to a jump from about 1.3 m height
  • High opening safety and extreme pendulum stability
  • Intelligent lightweight construction for fast openings at slow speeds
  • Use of high-quality lightweight materials
  • Particularly balanced load distribution
  • High opening safety
  • Low weight at critical point

Product number

max. load
Sink rate at
max. load (brake activated
NG 100 light251005,11,18
NG 120 light291205,161,3
NG 140 light331405,451,49
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