Tandem Harnesses

Tandem harnesses provide an upright sitting position. They are designed in a way that the movement of the tandem pilots is not restricted, which is important during takeoff and landing.

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The next generation tandem pilot harness, aimed at professionals
970,00 €
The BIPRO 3 tandem pilot harness has many useful features for a simple and safe working day.
990,00 €
A compact passenger harness
620,00 € *
There is also a STRAPLESS 2 version for tandem pilots.
530,00 € *
An ergonomic tandem harness designed for the comfort of professional tandem pilots
1.290,00 €
A large seat with a flared front means the pilot automatically finds himself sitting comfortably on take-off with the passenger held firmly between the pilot's legs.
710,00 € *
An uncomplicated harness for the passenger on tandem flights, equipped with airbag back protection, rear pocket for glider sack and side pockets made of elastic webbing, accessible by the tandem pilot in flight.
490,00 € *
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