Carefully selected complete paragliding sets

The compilation of our complete sets are based on the experience of approximately 100,000 flights supervised by the Papillon flight instructor team. When you buy a complete set, you save compared to buying the individual components. 

If a component does not exactly match your requirements, we customize it the way you want.

This set includes: paraglider UP Ascent 4, harness Supair Evo Lite, rescue Independence Annular Evo, helmet Supair Pilot
4.865,00 € 4.089,00 €
This set contains: Papillon paraglider Fancy, Freestyle One, Annular Evo, flying helmet Boeri Mercury
4.868,00 € 4.089,00 €
This set includes: Papillon paraglider bodyguard 7, Papillon harness Genius, Independence rescue Annular Evo, Independence helmet Hi-Tec
5.004,00 € 4.199,00 €
Skywalk Arak Air, Woody Valley GTO light und Quadro light
7.110,00 € 5.970,00 €
This set contains: Nova paraglider Aonic, Nova harness Ventus, Nova rescue Pentagon, Independence helmet Hi-Tec
5.809,00 € 4.879,00 €
This set included: Paraglider Ion 6, harness Ventus and the rescue Pentagon
5.686,00 € 4.779,00 €
This set includes: Alpha 7, Success 5, the rescue Advance SQR 100 and the helmet Independence Hi-Tec
5.969,00 € 4.999,00 €
This set includes: BGD Paraglider Adam, Independence harness Logo Pro, Independence reserve Annular Evo, Independence helmet Hi-Tec
4.618,00 € 3.879,00 €
This set includes: the Mescal 6, the allround harness Skywalk PermAir Line, the reserve SQR from Advance and the helmet Icaro Nerv.
5.295,00 € 4.444,00 €
Paraglider Advance Pi 3, harness Advance Easiness 3, Rescue U-Turn Backup X, helmet Papillon Boeri
5.757,00 € 4.835,00 €