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Harnesses with foam protectors offer the best protection and are therefore the best choice for all pilots who value maximum security. According to the Papillon training standards, Papillon flight training takes place exclusively with modern foam protected harnesses.

Swing Connect Reverse 3
from 1.030,00 €
Supair Walibi 3
1.090,00 €
The next generation tandem pilot harness, aimed at professionals
Supair Radical 4 Supair Radical 4
Supair Radical 4
510,00 € from 500,00 €
Light and flexible harness for hike & fly
Icaro Xema light 2
1.050,00 €
A consistently lightweight harness with maximum safety for the hike & fly pilot
Airdesign Le Slip full Kit Airdesign Le Slip full Kit
Airdesign Le Slip full Kit
450,00 € 399,00 €
Woody Valley Wani 3
1.150,00 €
Advance Bikid Advance Bikid
Advance Bikid
490,00 €
suitable for kids from approximately 100 to 130 cm tall
Skywalk Breeze PermAir Line Skywalk Breeze PermAir Line
Skywalk Breeze PermAir Line
980,00 € 490,00 €
The BREEZE is a recreational harness with a simple design that fulfills the most diverse demands. In short, it is: comfortable, safe, lightweight and modular!
Advance Boundless
1.240,00 €
Niviuk Hawk
1.666,00 €
The ideal harness for those pilots who want to start venturing into the world of cross-country.
GIN Genie lite 3
1.890,00 €
Compact XC
Supair Loustic 2 Supair Loustic 2
Supair Loustic 2
360,00 €
Tandem harness: The pleasure to share your passion with kids.
Supair Acro 4
1.120,00 €
BGD Snug
820,00 €
The perfect all rounder in a comfortable lightweight package.
U-Turn Spirit
U-Turn Spirit
468,00 €
Spirit: The uncompromising light-weight harness is impressing through reduction – however it doesn’t lack any comfort.
Advance Progress 3
1.140,00 €
The PROGRESS 3 offers great versatility in a compact shape. Whether for travel, thermal flying, short Hike and Flys, Freestyle manoeuvres or for training, PROGRESS 3 pilots are best equipped for all their exploits.
Icaro Batis 2 Icaro Batis 2
Icaro Batis 2
695,00 €
A compact passenger harness
Skywalk PERMAIR Protector for Breeze
Skywalk PERMAIR Protector for Breeze
160,00 €
For all sizes, incl. cover
GIN Fuse pilot GIN Fuse pilot
GIN Fuse pilot
940,00 €
Tandem pilot harness
Ozone F*Race
2.000,00 €
Ultralite hike and fly