Reversible Paragliding Harnesses

The concept of reversible harnesses dates back to the early days of paragliding. The harness acts here also as a stuff sack for the complete equipment. Thanks to this material and therefore weight savings reversible harnesses are popular with mountain climbers and paratrekkers. Various protection concepts and features - from minimalist to comfortable - are available. We are happy to advise you!

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Spirit: The uncompromising light-weight harness is impressing through reduction – however it doesn’t lack any comfort.
468,00 € *
The PROGRESS 3 offers great versatility in a compact shape. Whether for travel, thermal flying, short Hike and Flys, Freestyle manoeuvres or for training, PROGRESS 3 pilots are best equipped for all their exploits.
1.140,00 €
The ultra-light reversible harness
1.700,00 €
Reduced. To the core.
from 290,00 €
Universally employable, twice as comfortable and useful.
990,00 €
Reversible harness / backpack made from ultra-lightweight materials.
400,00 €
Light and comfortable, it is aimed at hike & fly lovers who want to equip themselves with a practical and easy to use harness.
1.150,00 €
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