Varios without GPS

In addition to reliable indication of rising, modern varios take on even more tasks such as viewing and recording of flight data, including altitude, distance, temperature, rising, sinking, time, air pressure and more.

The most advanced SkyBean vario
589,00 €
The new FLYMASTER VARIO SD is the ideal instrument for Leisure flights, with the high sensitivity ULTRASENSE variometer.
249,00 € 229,00 €
Skytraxx Tweety: Superlight Hike & Fly Vario
49,90 € *
The SYS'NAV XL from Syride is a compact and lightweight Alto-Vario GPS with many additional functions.
499,00 € *
a new generation of bean-shaped mini audio vario
79,00 € 75,00 €
SYS'One is a micro vario with sound and led. Essential for hiking or trips.
69,00 € *