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UP C-Handles UP C-Handles
UP C-Handles
45,00 €
By using the new UP C handles, controlling the angle of attack of your paraglider with the risers is now easier and more effective.
UP K2 4
4.990,00 €
for professional and private pilots
UP Getränkehalter
UP Getränkehalter
20,00 €
UP Kangri HPR
5.090,00 €
39,00 €
It's the ideal T-shirt for flying and leisure.
UP Summit X
4.790,00 €
59,00 €
UP Gloves ASGARD: fleece with reinforced palm and Gore Windstopper membrane and Skywear UP embroidery.
UP Softshell Vest Aconcagua
75,00 €
The Aconcagua vest is a new addition to the UP clothing line. A sleek and sporty design coupled with the best materials make this a future favourite for many!
UP Gym Bag UP Gym Bag
UP Gym Bag
18,40 €
UP Speed System (3-Step) Soft
UP Speed System (3-Step) Soft
49,00 €
UP Speed System: Three steps accelerator for more speed.
UP Meru
6.390,00 €

For security reasons, we can not generally recommend wings of this classification. Therefore, we only sell to exceptionally experienced pilots who are personally known or proved their ability in the OLC and various safety trainings. 

If you are interested in such an EN-D paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-D-wings and contact us personally. 

Our shop opens daily all year round, from 9am to 6pm, including at weekends. You can also phone us anytime during these office hours at 06654 – 91 90 55.

UP Foot Stirrup
UP Foot Stirrup
35,00 €
The UP Foot Stirrup is adaptable to almost all paragliding harnesses which aren't already fitted with a foot stirrup.
UP Jacket Baltoro Man - Jacket only
199,00 €
The UP Baltoro/Khumbu Flight Suit is practical and stylish in the air and on the ground. The new UP flight combo wear consisting of Khumbu Shell Pants and Baltoro Jacket.
UP Mana 2
3.890,00 €
UP Flexbag
from 49,00 €
The FlexBag is flexible and can be used according to any preference.
UP Rimo
3.690,00 €
Maximum fun right from the start
UP Kailash
3.590,00 €

If you are interested in an EN-C paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-C-wings and contact us personally. 

UP Flex Cap UP Flex Cap
UP Flex Cap
35,00 €
The classic in a modern looking cap.
79,00 €
The "FZ" in the name for our new speed top is short for "Full Zip" - this indispensible new garment features a full-length zipper all the way down the front, to make it easier and more convenient to get on and off.
UP Dena
4.190,00 €
The Dena is a sporty A-glider with impressive handling, performance, and quality.