zur schonenden Aufbewahrung deines Gleitschirms

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Compression Concertina Bag
95,00 €
Made from waterproof material, the NOVA concertina bag protects the paraglider from external damage cause by, for example, sweat or abrasion.
89,00 €
The COMPRESSBAG TUBE combines the advantages of a sausage bag with those of a COMPRESSBAG.
124,00 €
The BGD compression bag allows you to compact your wing into an slim, neat package without risking damage to your leading edge.
79,00 € *
a combination of the cell bag and inner bag
99,00 € *
All Paragliders benefit from being folded carefully to maintain the shape of the leading edge. Paragliders with Rigifoil should always be concertina packed. This prolongs the life of the glider and preserves its flight characteristics.
61,90 €
For better protection of your glider.
90,00 € *
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