The Papillon Raqoon is light, forgives mistakes and is fun to fly - not only for alpinists and XC pilots.
3.390,00 € 2.990,00 €
In the Bodyguard 7 is the result of the experience of Papillon Paragliding, Europe's largest paragliding school.
3.095,00 €
The PROGRESS 3 offers great versatility in a compact shape. Whether for travel, thermal flying, short Hike and Flys, Freestyle manoeuvres or for training, PROGRESS 3 pilots are best equipped for all their exploits.
990,00 €
The High End variometer Skytraxx 3.0 with color display and maps of Europe.
799,00 € *
The COMPANION SQR (“Square Round”) introduces a completely new generation of reserve parachute; it combines the advantages of the classic round canopy and the more modern cross principle.
780,00 €
Would you rather be flying or packing? This quickpack rucksack helps you concentrate on the essentials - flying.
149,00 € *
Woody Valley Wani 2: Improved, in all aspects.
970,00 € 777,00 €