Vorgängermodelle Gleitschirme, Gurtzeuge und Rettungen

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The UP Kantega XC 2 has the performance to allow pilots to reach their ambitious goals, but in a package where the safety and ease of use aren't compromised.
3.690,00 € 2.890,00 €
The CYBER 4 is the perfect paraglider for training and beginners. It combines the best features of its predecessor CYBER 2+ and the innovations of the current generation of wings.
2.700,00 € 2.490,00 €
Reversible light "Flex Seat" split-leg harness with complete Airbag.
530,00 € 510,00 €
DHV/LTF certified, with ample passive protection and very good testing results, the Fast Pro II remains a thoroughbred racing harness.
1.190,00 €
Reversible harness / backpack with integrated reserve parachute container, highly comfortable and light.
880,00 € 740,00 €
Energy CROSS²: more than a facelift for the multi-functional reversible harnes for walk & fly.
790,00 € 710,00 €
The Nanga 2 is a compact and light traditional harness with sporty looks, built for thermal-, weekend- and recreational pilots - indeed for anyone looking for a full-featured XC harness in the light and compact end of the scale.
695,00 € 649,00 €
Aerodynamic harness designed for a minimum Cx drag coefficient. Full AirBag and BumpAir integrated dorsal protection system. Stiffened but yet flexible dorsal support for maximum comfort during long flights.
1.550,00 €
The lightest EN certified reserve parachute on the market!
650,00 € *
Using the same seat construction as the VELVET 2 but with the use of light high tech materials such as Cordura, light nylon fabric and an airbag protection, we succeeded in a weight of only 3.6 kg.
675,00 € 650,00 €
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