Varios with GPS

These varios offer an even wider range of features thanks to the integrated GPS receiver. The display and recording of GPS data during the flight is particularly interesting for XC pilots, but also for better orientation in thermals, for documentation and flight analysis.

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Hyper – Light, simple, colorful.
695,00 € *
Light an Simple, yet full of features!
299,00 € *
SkyDrop is the lightest combined GPS vario in the world!
229,00 €
The SKYTRAXX 2.1 is the further development of the proven Skytraxx 2.0
598,00 € *
Simply fly intuitively
625,00 € *
Flymaster Avionics presents the NAV, a new instrument meant for XC and Competition pilots.
from 539,00 €
Flymaster Avionics presents the innovative Flymaster LIVE, which includes the new FLYMASTER LIVE-TRACKING NAVIGATION SYSTEM(Patent Pending) recently proven at the 2011 X-Alps.
from 689,00 €
Flymaster Avionics presents the GPS, a new intermediate instrument designed for Cross-Country flying.
from 429,00 €
solar variometer with GPS and BLE, simple and performant
319,00 € *
SYS'GPS is an alti vario GPS with G-meter. Perfect for fun flying.
349,00 € *
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