Vorgängermodelle Gurtzeuge

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HASKA is the new intermediate harness for all recreational pilots. It's safe, comfortable and has plenty of features.
790,00 € 635,00 €
Reversible light "Flex Seat" split-leg harness with complete Airbag.
530,00 € 510,00 €
DHV/LTF certified, with ample passive protection and very good testing results, the Fast Pro II remains a thoroughbred racing harness.
1.190,00 €
The Innovation Pro is the 2nd generation of the successful all-round light harness Innovation.
740,00 €
The Kamasutra II takes over from the famous Kamasutra. At first sight you may only notice small aesthetic changes; but subtle changes in the architecture have also improved the ergonomics and comfort.
899,00 €
Because of it´s LTF and the newest EN certification it is not only suitable for competition pros, but also for leisure time XCpilots the Geko is the first choice.
970,00 € 950,00 €
The Kanibal II is a xc/racing harness designed for high performance and competition flying.
999,00 €
The Duo is our biplace harness, based on our approved solo harness Flash.
610,00 €
Reversible harness / backpack with integrated reserve parachute container, highly comfortable and light.
880,00 € 740,00 €
Energy CROSS²: more than a facelift for the multi-functional reversible harnes for walk & fly.
790,00 € 710,00 €
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