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Voucher Tandem Flight

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"Fun for two" is the motto of the tandem flight. Without any prerequisite, you can fly with our tandem pilots silently from the mountain into the valley.

"Fun for two" is the motto of the paragliding tandem flight!

You can experience the uplifting feeling to glide silently down from the Wasserkuppe into the valley without any previous knowledge during a flight with the twin-seater paraglider.

Gleitschirm Tandemflug Wasserkuppe

The start takes place in every season with few steps into the wind. The experience begins, the bird's eye view with the secure feeling of having an experienced pilot in the back makes you want "more".

For a tandem flight you should plan about one hour in total; depending on terrain, weather, wind and pilot weight in the low mountain range, the flight time is about 5-10 minutes.

Requirements: Tandem passengers can take off if they are free of serious illnesses and weigh no more than 95 kg. Please bring sturdy shoes and seasonal clothing.

Give away freedom

You can not only enjoy this moment of happiness yourself, but also give it away to friends, acquaintances, colleagues or relatives, as a tandem voucher.

Upon request, in addition to the flight, the voucher can also include an SD card with a film recording of your flight and the tandem diploma.

Tandemfliegen Rhoen

How to make an appointment

Tandem flights can be performed all year round when the wind and weather conditions permit. We organize the appointments through our website:
  1. You purchase an event code for a tandem paragliding flight. On request we also send you a Gift-Voucher in printed form. The event code can be redeemed within 3 years from the issue date.
  2. The recipient logs on to our website TANDEMWELT.DE and enters the event code. 
  3. We inform the passengers about 1-3 days in advance via e-mail when new appointments are available. A longer-term appointment is not possible due to the weather.
  4. Once the passenger has found a suitable date, he simply re-enters the event code on our website: TANDEMWELT.DE

Further information about tandem flights at the Wasserkuppe / Rhoen

Further information about tandem flights at the Sauerland

Want more?

Paragliding Tandem Wasserkuppe

If the passenger decides to book a paragliding course within one year after the tandem flight, the value of the tandem flight will be deducted in full amount from the course price!

Alternatively, we recommend
: Paragliding can be tried or learned from the age of 14 with little effort and without prior knowledge:

The pilot selects the suitable take-off location depending on the current flight weather forecast.

Possible starting points on the Wasserkuppe:

  • Pferdskopf (Nordwest)
  • Westhang (West)
  • Abtsrodaer Kuppe (Nord/Nordost)
  • Südhang (Süd)

Possible starting places in the Sauerland:

  • Elpe/Olsberg
  • Wenholthausen
  • Stüppel
  • Bruchhauser Steine
  • Ettelsberg
  • Adorf


  • in total, with preparation and (as the case may be, depending on flying area, driving back up): about 1 to 2 hours
  • pure flight time: about 5 to 10 minutes, maximum 20 minutes


  • healthy and reasonably fit
  • not heavier than 95 kg
  • Inform the pilot prior to your flight of any existing handicaps (cardiac/circulatory/joint aches).

Please bring:

  • Tandem Voucher, if available
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Clothing suitable for the existing weather conditions, long pants, windbreaker, gloves if necessary
  • some flexibility, if the scheduled time cannot be adhered to exactly due to the weather
  • A flight helmet will be provided.


  • Feel free to bring friends and family along to watch your flight.


  • With a suitable wind tandem flying is possible all year round, even in winter.
  • Arranging an appointment for a tandem flight in the Rhön is convenient and easy via the Papillon Tandemportal:
    There our pilots enter their flights about 1-3 days in advance. The passengers on the waiting list will be notified via email and can book their desired date online.
Alternatively, we recommend: Paragliding can be tried or learned from the age of 14 with little effort and without prior knowledge:
Further information about tandem flights in the Rhön:
  • Event Code for booking via
  • If desired, optional:. Gift Certificate for self filling, including the event code

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