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Wanì Light: Light – Reversible – Complete: The most complete harness for Hike & Fly at just 2.6 kg.
840,00 €
Airbag harness to progress with and experience the first XC ( Cross-country ) flights.
790,00 €
RX3 stands for relax to the power of 3 and this applies to the seating comfort as well as to the very high safety standard through the innovative foam protector.
849,00 €
Our Gravis combines efficient performance and precision with highest safety characteristics.
3.750,00 € 3.350,00 €
The Kamasutra II takes over from the famous Kamasutra. At first sight you may only notice small aesthetic changes; but subtle changes in the architecture have also improved the ergonomics and comfort.
899,00 €
The ultimate harness at the very top of the paragliding aerobatic scene.Developed and used by the world's best Acro pilots.
840,00 €
This original looking harness has been designed for pilots who spend their time in the air.
1.299,00 €
With a new design and a lighter but also more robust material we have improved our successful ENERGY 2 protector harness again.
745,00 €
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