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Voucher Snowkite - Basic Training


Give away two days of Snowkiting at the Wasserkuppe!

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In this four-day intensive course you will learn how to snowkite properly! Let's start with the basics. You will learn how to set up the kite and get it ready for take-off. You'll get to know the safety systems and learn the basics such as launching, landing and maintaining altitude.

The complete course lasts four days with 4 to 6 hours of training daily. The course always starts on the first day at 11 am at the Papillon Flugcenter, directly on the Wasserkuppe.

Course contents

Day 1: Kite handling

  • Launching/landing
  • Flying the kite/handling exercises
  • Handling/release of the safety system

Day 2: The first riding experience

  • Driving manoeuvres with the kite
  • Starting up
  • Braking
  • easy turn
  • Flying sine turns

Day 3: On the right course

  • Maintaining altitude
  • Gaining altitude
  • Room wind course
  • Behaviour/kiting with overpower

Day 4: Sporty riding technique/fun course

  • Jibe
  • Riding through a set fun course
  • Slalom course
  • Jump basics with first small jumps
  • Riding a fakie

The included theory lessons impart sound knowledge in the areas of material science, aerodynamics, terrain assessment, weather science, riding techniques, safety, behaviour in special cases. A total of 6 teaching units of 45 minutes each are offered spread over the four course days.

Included services

  • 4 days snowkite intensive course
  • Complete rental kite equipment for each participant during the entire course
  • teaching material
  • course certificate
  • weather guarantee

Information and course registration:

SNOWKITE.DE is an offer of the Rhöner Drachen- und Gleitschirmflugschulen Wasserkuppe GmbH, Wasserkuppe 46, 36129 Gersfeld.

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