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Niviuk Hawk
1.666,00 €
The ideal harness for those pilots who want to start venturing into the world of cross-country.
Niviuk Technical t-shirt
20,00 €
Made with the best materials for infinite comfort.
Niviuk Polo-Shirt
20,00 €
The polo t-shirt of the official Niviuk pilots
Niviuk Soft Flask
15,00 €
500 ml
Niviuk Nkare Bag
89,00 €
Makes packing into a quick and simple job, ensuring
Niviuk Speedarms R-Series
60,50 €
Designed for passionate pilots
Niviuk Peak 6
from 5.910,00 €

If you are interested in an EN-D paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-D-wings and contact us personally

Niviuk Makan
850,00 €
One of the lightest harnesses in its class
Niviuk Kode P
from 3.540,00 €
Niviuk Hook 6 P
from 4.105,00 €
Niviuk Koyot 5
from 3.320,00 €
Niviuk Cap Niviuk Cap
Niviuk Cap
20,00 €
To wear it right side up or upside down
Niviuk Hook 6
from 3.917,00 €
Niviuk Octagon 2
from 709,00 €
The second edition of the famous Niviuk parachute offers greater stability in roll and a lower descent rate, so that your contact with the ground is even more gentle and smooth.
Niviuk Down Jacket
149,00 €
Lightweight and breathable down jacket made from high quality materials.
Niviuk Schnellpacksack Koli Bag
Niviuk Schnellpacksack Koli Bag
114,00 €
Niviuk Konvers 2
972,00 €
Niviuk Artik R
from 5.210,00 €

If you are interested in an EN-C paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-C-wings and contact us personally. 

Niviuk Expe Race
from 174,00 €
Ultralight rucksack
Niviuk Schnellpacksack Koli Pro Tandem Niviuk Schnellpacksack Koli Pro Tandem
Niviuk Schnellpacksack Koli Pro Tandem
164,00 €