Supair Eona 3

The EONA 3 is the ideal glider to start paragliding.

Safe, fun and robust, it will be your faithful ally to discover the joys of flying.

The EONA 3 is SUPAIR’s new school glider. Our design teams used feedback from schools using the EONA 2 to come up with a glider that best meets the expectations of professionals.

Designed to be durable, it benefits from trustworthy and strong materials. Our aim has been to simplify the line layout as much as possible by reducing the number of lines and focusing on its ergonimics. The front cut has been worked on to reduce roll. Eona 3 is safe for the pilot and easily predictable for the instructor.

While teaching, the easy inflation, with no hard points or overshoot, combined with excellent handling, immediatly gives the student confidence and assists them throughout their progress towards success.

As with the EONA 2 the risers are color coded for easy identification of the left and right sides. The risers are also equipped with the EONA ergonomic ear kit, with extended riser and mini-handle.

Category: EN-A


  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • M-L
  • L


  • Oasis
  • Earth
  • Ice
  • Grape
  • Berry
  • Orange


  • Less roll due to improved front curve and twist
  • Simplified line set, the reduced number of lines allows easier untangling and greater performance.
  • We have modified the XS and S sizes by surfacing them more to reduce roll and make them less dynamic.
  • Internal structure is laser cut, for greater assembly precision.
  • A tension band has been added between the C’s and D’s, increasing brake travel.
  • The profile is new and it allows smoother inflation without overshoot.
  • New exclusive attachements tabs, manufactured with a new braid, and allowing breakage values ​​of 20% above the EN standard for size L
  • 5 sizes covering 50 to 130 kg
  • 6 colours with only 1 colour including white


Groundhandling and training slope
Beginner pilot and progression
Foot launch and towing ready

Lasting flexible rods
Wing tip sand/debris emptying system
Exclusive "Ear" kit

Extrados fabric: Dominico D30 soft
Intrados fabric: Dominico D20 soft
Line connected partition wall fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex 40 Hard
Compression strips and partitions D: Porcher Sport Skytex 40 Hard
Non-line connected partition wall fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex 40 Hard
Partition reinforcements: Porcher Sport Ripstop autocollant 50 mm

High lines: Liros
Intermediate lines: Edelrid
Low lines: Edelrid


Number of cells3838383838
Flat surface area [m²]21,82426.6028.7031
Span [m]10.2310.7311.311.7412.2
Chord [m]2.652.782.933.043.16
Flat aspect ratio4.
Projected surface area [m²]18.5920.4622.6824.4726.43
Projected span [m]8.148.548.999.349.7
Projected aspect ratio3.563.563.563.563.56
Glider weight [kg]4.44.755.45.7
Flying weight range [kg]50-7065-8580-10590-115105-130
Trim Speed [km/h]3838383838
Max speed [km/h]4848484848
CertificationEN 926 – 1 et 2 & LTF 91/09 –  Class AEN 926 – 1 et 2 & LTF 91/09 –  Class AEN 926 – 1 et 2 & LTF 91/09 –  Class AEN 926 – 1 et 2 & LTF 91/09 –  Class AEN 926 – 1 et 2 & LTF 91/09 –  Class A
Number of risers33333

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