The PARAMOTION is the first paraglider which is adaptable to almost all circumstances.
3.748,00 € Weight 7.8 kg
The PASSENGER 2 brings the agile solo handling to the two seater class for the first time – high turn propensity with low control pressure are making the PASSENGER 2 a very efficient work tool for every tandem pilot.
3.790,00 €
The PROGRESS is the first glider designed for electric motors too.
2.648,00 €

If you are interested in an EN-D paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-D-wings and contact us personally

2.348,00 € *
The VISION is a superlative high-performance intermediate wing.
4.148,00 €
The Dena is a sporty A-glider with impressive handling, performance, and quality.
4.190,00 €
for professional and private pilots
4.990,00 €

If you are interested in an EN-C paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-C-wings and contact us personally. 

3.590,00 € *