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Advance PI 3


The new PI 3 is one of the lightest small-packed-volume serial wings on the market and, with the choice of four sizes - each with three weight ranges – is also one of the most versatile paragliders available today.

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For years the PI series has offered the best Hike & Fly package in terms of lightness in combination with a lot of performance and a definite fun factor. The "Light Versatility" motto will carry even higher significance in this third generation: there are two additional 21 and 25 sizes for the PI 3, and it is even lighter and more compact.

Thermal Range

In the thermaling range of up to 3.5 kg/m2 the PI 3 with its well balanced canopy is easy to fly, offering maximum passive safety. In this range the PI 3 is suitable for beginners and leisure pilots.

Hike & Fly Range

The Hike & Fly range – wing loading between 3.5 and 4.5 kg/m2 – is the right choice for those who like to walk up with light equipment and have some dynamic fun on the flight down.

Mini Wing Range

In the Mini Wing Range with a wing loading of 4.5 kg/m2 and up, the PI 3 is clearly an action wing. It requires a very experienced pilot who flies actively and can sort out wing disturbances almost before they happen. The extremely compact wing is also suitable for Climb & Fly projects.



The PI 3 is the world’s first paraglider to have Edelrid Pro Dry lines. Pro Dry is a further development of the very well-established 8000 Aramid line and has 60% higher water repellency. The line is extremely stable in length and demonstrates above average resistance to failure after long use.


The 16 and 19 sizes are more directed towards extreme Hike & Fly and Climb & Fly adventures – they have been uncompromisingly optimised for minimum weight and volume. Nitinol wires at the leading edge and extremely light Dominico 10D cloth make minimalistic weight a reality. From the 21 size the focus is more on ease of use and durability, and here we employ well-tried Porcher Skytex 27gm cloth and use Nylon wires.


To prevent the paraglider from slipping off in steep or slippery terrain (Snow), "Holding Pins" can be attached to the new loops on the PI 3 using a short string. To avoid damaging the paraglider, we recommend removing the "Holding Pins" before packing it up.


Depending on its wing loading the PI 3 makes different demands on the pilot. The higher the loading the more challenging the flying characteristics and handling skill requirements become. Small wings are fundamentally more agile, lively, and demanding to fly, even when flown at their normal wing loadings. You can see the different piloting requirements as a function of wing loading in the adjacent table.

Technische Daten

PI 3161921232527
Flat surface [m²]
Projected surface [m²]1416.718.420.121.923.7
Recommended takeoff weight [kg]50-9050-7565-8575-9585-10597-115
Increased takeoff weight [kg]-75-9585-10095-110105-120115-125
Glider weight [kg]1.852.152.552.752.953.15
Span [m]
Projected span [m]
Aspect ratio4.
Projected aspect ratio3.
Max. chord [m]2.342.552.682.812.933.05
Number of cells383838383838
Certification Recommended takeoff weightEN-CEN-BEN-AEN-AEN-AEN-A
Certification increased takeoff weight-EN-BEN-BEN-BEN-BEN-B

MATERIALS (Size 21, 23, 25 & 27)

Leading edgeSkytex 32 universal, 33 g/m²
Lower surfaceSkytex 27 classic 2, 29 g/m²
ProfilesSkytex 27 hard finish, 29 g/m²
Main lines8001-230, 8001-190, 8001-130
Brake lines8001-090, 8001-070, 8001-050
Quick linksSoftlink DC 300
Upper surfaceSkytex 27 classic 2, 29 g/m²
DesignstripeSkytex 32 universal, 33 g/m²
Unsuspended profilesSkytex 27 hard finish, 29 g/m²
Galery lines8001-090, 8001-070, 8001-050
Steering linesA-7850-240, 8001-190

NOTE: Sizes 16 and 19 cannot be ordered in special colours.

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