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Advance Comfortpack 4
195,00 €
Slender and compact as before, but in a completely new design.
Advance Epsilon DLS
4.590,00 €
Advance Compressbag DLS
58,00 €
Reduces packed volume.
Advance Bibeta 6
4.840,00 €
The new BIBETA 6 tandem for professionals will be launched in November. Development is finished and certification is under way.
Advance Frontcontainer ZIP
121,00 €
Easy to close yet compact: This clever ZIP reserve front container goes especially well with the EASINESS 2 light reversible harness, but can also be used with other harnesses.
Advance T-Shirt Merino Hike & Fly
99,00 €
Advance Bikid Advance Bikid
Advance Bikid
490,00 €
suitable for kids from approximately 100 to 130 cm tall
Advance Boundless
1.240,00 €
Advance Alpha 7
3.690,00 €
Maximum flying fun guaranteed.
Advance T-Shirt Monocrome
49,00 €
Set: "Epsilon DLS" 2023
Set: "Epsilon DLS" 2023
7.608,00 € 6.300,00 €
This set includes: Paraglider Advance Epsilon 9, harness Advance Lightness 3, rescue Advance SQR light, helmet Charly Vitesse
Advance Flatbag ULS
134,00 €
Ultralight Flatbag
Advance Progress 3
1.140,00 €
The PROGRESS 3 offers great versatility in a compact shape. Whether for travel, thermal flying, short Hike and Flys, Freestyle manoeuvres or for training, PROGRESS 3 pilots are best equipped for all their exploits.
Advance Hook Knife
Advance Hook Knife
32,00 €
With its double blade, webbing and lines can be cut through as quickly as possible in an emergency.
Advance Logo Cap
29,00 €
The practical summer cap can be fitted to any head size with a variable closure.
Advance Trucker Cap
Advance Trucker Cap
39,00 €
With ADVANCE logo embroidery
Advance Success 5
1.330,00 €
Advance Success 5
Advance Cockpit Carry Advance Cockpit Carry
Advance Cockpit Carry
133,00 €
Advance Cockpit Carry für Fluggepäck oder Ballast
Advance Midlayer Jacket 2024
169,00 €
The Midlayer Hybrid Jacket provides comfortable leisure wear.
Advance Frontcontainer ZIP
121,00 €
Easy to close yet compact