Advance Pibi


Light, fully-fledged and small when packed: many have been waiting for this tandem wing for Hike and Fly with friends and family. Now it’s here! The PIBI in one 37 m2 size weighs only 4.8 kg and has a takeoff weight range from 100 to 180 kg. This ADVANCE Light Tandem merges PI philosophy with the popular flying qualities of the BIBETA 6.

Technology & Features

Light Spreaders

The PIBI is delivered with a pair of light spreaders with reserve connection lines (180 gm) and two FORAS carabiners (102 gm) as well as a COMPRESSBAG Light (150 gm).

Light Risers

The PIBI three level risers are weight optimised and weigh only 345 gm. They connect via Softlinks and are fitted with Low Friction brake rings.

Technical data

Flat surface [m²]37.2
Projected surface [m²]31.8
Recommended takeoff weight [kg]100 - 180
Glider weight [kg]4.8
Span [m]14.2
Projected span [m]11.4
Aspect ratio5.4
Projected aspect ratio4.1
Number of cells53
Number of risers3+1
CertificationEN / LTF B
TrimmersYES / 8 cm


Leading edgeSkytex 32 universal, 32 g/m²
Upper surfaceSkytex 27 classic 2, 29 g/m²
Lower surfaceSkytex 27 classic 2, 29 g/m²
DesignstripeSkytex 32 universal, 32 g/m²
ProfilesSkytex 32 hard finish, 33 g/m²
Unsuspended profilesSkytex 27 hard finish, 29 g/m²
Main linesA-8000U-360, -280, -230, -190
Galery linesA-8000U-190, -130, -090, -070, -050
Brake linesA-8000U-190, -130, -090
Steering linesA-7850-240
RisersPolyester/Technora 13mm, 850daN
SoftlinksSoftlink DC 500
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