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Advance Omega ULS


If you are interested in an EN-D paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-D-wings and contact us personally

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For security reasons, we can not generally recommend wings of this classification. Therefore, we only sell to exceptionally experienced pilots who are personally known or proved their ability in the OLC and various safety trainings. 

If you are interested in such an EN-D paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-D-wings and contact us personally. 

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Ultra-light and ultra competitive: that's our new racing two-liner. It’s been developed for all those experienced pilots who want to achieve notable cross-country flights, competition rewards, and the mastery of new challenges. The OMEGA ULS is now available in 4 sizes, and impresses athletes by its effortless handling, outstanding flight performance and very low weight starting from 3.05 kg.


The winning DNA

The new OMEGA ULS is your ideal companion for demanding adventures and challenging competitions, matching the high standards of the X-Alps Winner 2023. Together we have developed a new high performer, building on the strengths of its predecessors to deliver even greater flight performance and outstanding results, with a better glide ratio over its whole speed range.


Easy handling brings success

We have designed the OMEGA ULS so that you can concentrate fully on those important tactical decisions in flight. Lower control loads combined with noticeably agreeable circling ability contribute to the effortless handling which helps you to fly efficiently. Intensive testing has resulted in a high performer that eats up the kilometres while delivering a pleasantly relaxed feeling in flight.


Ultra-light high-tech material

When preparing for demanding adventures you want to minimise weight and a bulky pack wherever possible. This is exactly what we demand of the OMEGA ULS. The ultra-light inner structure with its high-quality high-tech fabrics make this glider 250 g lighter than its predecessor. An intelligent material mix of high-end Nitinol Wires and ultra-light cloth contribute to the minimal weight and packed volume.


OMEGA ULS21222324
Flat surface20.7021.5422.4823.75
Projected surface17.4018.1018.9019.96
Certified takeoff weightkg65-8075-9085-10095-113
Ideal weight rangekg68-7878-8888-9898-108
Glider weightkg3.
Projected spanm9.389.569.7710.04
Aspect ratio6.
Projected aspect ratio5.
Max. chordm2.
Number of cells63636363


Leading edgeSkytex 32 universal
Upper surfaceSkytex 27 classic II
Lower surfaceDOKDO 10DSF
ProfilesSkytex 32 hard finish, Skytex 27 hard finish
Unsuspended profilesSkytex 27 hard finish
Tension tapesSkytex 40 hard finish, Skytex 32 hard finish
DiagonalsSkytex 40 hard finish, Skytex 32 hard finish, Skytex 27 hard finish
Main linesA-8001-340, -230, -190, -130, -090
Gallery linesA-8001-190, -130, -090, -070, -050, -035
StabiloPPSLS 125
Brake linesA-8001-050, A-9200-035
Steering linesA-7850-240, A-8001-190
RisersPES/Technora 12mm
Quick linksSoftlink DC 500

Advance Omega ULS

  • Compressbag ULS
  • Repair Kit
  • Mini windsock
  • Manual
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