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Independence Evo Cross


Evo Cross: A maximum opening speed, which is close to the theoretical minimum, was realized by a very low but efficient canopy height.

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The REVOlution continues!

Slow opening times, oscillating and rapidly falling pilots, rescue systems which do not open in a spiral drive. These are all terms, that are likly belonging to the past due to our latest rescue system EVO CROSS!

Already the Annular EVO series, with its unique RAM-Air Pockets, have become the epitome of a safe, modern and above all one of the most reliable rescue systems that were previously available on the market. BUT: our innovative EVO CROSS will once again set new standards!

Because of the slight asymmetric canopy design and outlet ports on all corners exceptional oscillation stability, combined with a low sink rate could be reached. Exact calculated suspension points maximized the projected surface and reduced the sink rate as well. So we reched up to 15% less sink rate as required on the very strict certification test of EN12491.

A maximum opening speed, which is close to the theoretical minimum, was realized by a very low but efficient canopy height. The short system length as well as the easy way of packing helped us to beat the required EN opening time standards by up to 40%!!!

The facts of the EVO Cross series:

  • Extremely fast opening time, up to 40% below the approved limit of 5 sec
  • Opening time close to the theoretical minimum
  • Lowest sink rate, up to 15% below the certification limits of 5,5 m/s
  • No oscillation
  • High opening safety, even at negative rotation and spiral dives
  • Low weight because of extremely lightweight and resistant materials
  • Fabric in orange signal color
  • According LTF/ 91/09 and EN 12491 tested

Signal colour orange:

An considerable safety-advantage is the fabric-colour of the Annular EVO! The signal-colour orange can be seen perfectly on snow, forest and rocks, because the orange colour offers a very good contrast on nearly every background!


So, the new EVO Cross series combines the lowest sinkrates, the highest pendulum stability and the fastest opening time in one rescue system. So it results:

EVO CROSS - The future is square!

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Evo Cross




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4,9 m/s 

4,7 m/s 

5,6 m/s


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