Gleitschirm Direkt


GIN Yeti Rescue
from 620,00 €
Niviuk Octagon 2
from 709,00 €
The second edition of the famous Niviuk parachute offers greater stability in roll and a lower descent rate, so that your contact with the ground is even more gentle and smooth.
Nova Beamer 3 light
from 1.150,00 €
The BEAMER 3 light is a fully-fledged BEAMER 3 but thanks to its weight-optimised materials, it is more than 400 grams lighter.
Icaro Lite Icaro Lite
Icaro Lite
1.150,00 €
For all pilots, who prefer a light and reliable rescue system without lacking any safety.
Skywalk Salsa
from 720,00 €
U-Turn Backup X
from 898,00 €
The lightweight cross canopy X is built in accordance with the newest development findings and provides all constructional advantages of the square reserve parachute with a sensational weight of only 1.2 kg.
Swing Orange Cross
from 870,00 €
BGD Oops
from 690,00 €
The Oops reserve parachute is a hand-thrown emergency pull-down apex parachute canopy manufactured at the highest possible standard with the use of CNC cutting machines and the best quality materials we could find.
U-Turn Backup RS
from 728,00 €
The BACKUP RS combines the aeronautical advantages of the cross canopy with the easy handling of the classic round canopy.
Ozone Angel V2
from 700,00 €
Nova Beamer 3
from 1.030,00 €
In 1995 the Beamer opened a new chapter in the history of paraglider reserve parachutes.
Advance Companion SQR Light
from 1.040,00 €
Lightest rescue parachute in the world (supplied without links and straps).
Supair Start (Tandem) Supair Start (Tandem)
Supair Start (Tandem)
1.160,00 €
A simple well designed reserve parachute, easy to pack, and extremely stable.
Icaro Alba
from 680,00 €
Swing Escape
from 790,00 €
First rescue with Flap Valve System for fastest opening and best pendulum stability
Icaro Square Light
from 860,00 €
The SQUARE Light is a modern cross-canopy rescue parachute
Independence Smart Independence Smart
Independence Smart
650,00 €
Supair Fluid
from 675,00 €
Compared to conventional models, the FLUID square parachute offers exceptional performance.
Niviuk Cires
from 536,00 €
Charly TARGETcross basic light
from 1.025,00 €
Non-steerable version of the TARGETcross cruciform canopy.