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Buyer's Guide Reserves

A reserve system is an indispensable part of paragliding and comparable to an insurance.

With increasing paraglider class, the number of reserve openings increases. The peak make pilots who switch too early to EN -B wings. Under EN-A-paragliders, openings of reserves are very rare. Dangerous situations are usually compensated by the very good nature of the wing.

Only when this is no longer the case, and especially if further pilot mistakes add up, it comes to an emergency: „wrong reaction at the wrong time“ and now the reserve needs to open as quickly and easily as possible. Immediate opening and an as low and swing-free as possible descent to land unharmed, these are the requirements of the reserve equipment.


Which reserve is right for me?

Pilots keep asking us whether a round cap or a controllable reverse would be more beneficial for them. To come to the right decision, we have to take the flight experience and risk appetite of the pilot into account.  Thus, for example acro pilots with a much higher risk and even Acro-beginners usually calculate with several reserve openings per flight season. 

For these pilots, provided there is anything that can be recommended to them at all, steerable systems can be of an advantage. They have the necessary experience to maneuver the steerable parachute immediately after release.

The situation is different for beginners and leisure pilots with safe paragliders. Here the main task of the reserve is to defuse an extreme situation as quickly and reliably as possible. Therfore the round cap is the best recommendation for most pilots.

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