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Gloves for pilots
Charly Polarheat light
210,00 €
battery heated gloves
Zanier Heat.GTX - heated gloves
Zanier Heat.GTX - heated gloves
329,99 € 239,95 €
Due to its brand-new technology, the heated glove HEAT.GX warms better, longer and with less weight. The maximum heating period is 12 hours.
59,00 €
UP Gloves ASGARD: fleece with reinforced palm and Gore Windstopper membrane and Skywear UP embroidery.
Plusmax Believe
Plusmax Believe
48,00 € 24,90 €
Light summer glove from Plusmax
Thermo Gloves
139,00 €
Thermo Gloves provide your hands with pleasant warmth and thus offer ideal comfort for the winter.
Papillon Paragliders Winter Gloves Papillon Paragliders Winter Gloves
Papillon Paragliders Winter Gloves
129,00 € 89,00 €
Winter pilot athletes want gloves that keep their hands as warm as mittens, yet still allow for sensitive control.
Basisrausch Gloves Kristall Flex Basisrausch Gloves Kristall Flex
Basisrausch Gloves Kristall Flex
125,00 € 99,00 €
The inside glove of the Kristall Flex is constructed as seamless as possible which improves the wearing comfort as well as the grip.
Highadventure Handschuh Itsy Bitsy Touch Highadventure Handschuh Itsy Bitsy Touch
Highadventure Handschuh Itsy Bitsy Touch
129,00 € 109,00 €
Highadventure Handschuh Itsy Touch Highadventure Handschuh Itsy Touch
Highadventure Handschuh Itsy Touch
109,00 € 99,00 €
Skyman Summer Gloves
39,00 €
Light, windproof summer gloves
GIN Softshell Gloves
88,00 €
The GIN Softshell glove is the perfect paragliding glove for warmer conditions.
Basisrausch ONYX 4S Basisrausch ONYX 4S
Basisrausch ONYX 4S
115,00 € 98,00 €
Supair Gloves TOUCH
70,00 €
Windstopper® gloves for the free-flying activities.
Highadventure glove Izi
109,00 €
Lightweight paragliding or delta glove for milder temperatures and summer days in the air
Basisrausch Gloves Citrin 2S
79,00 €
2-season Summer glove
Highadventure glove Pizi Highadventure glove Pizi
Highadventure glove Pizi
129,00 € 119,00 €
3 Season glove for spring temperatures or high alpine use, even above the zero degree limit.
GIN Winter Alpine Gloves
110,00 €
Ideal for winter and high altitude spring flying where heating is not required.
UP Gloves Vesuv²
89,00 €
The evolution of the pilot glove Vesuv