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Basisrausch Gloves Kristall Flex


The inside glove of the Kristall Flex is constructed as seamless as possible which improves the wearing comfort as well as the grip.

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The paragliding glove KRISTALL FLEX is a further development of the proven Kristall ERGO. Our many years of experience, test and customer feedback have been incorporated into the development of the first paragliding glove designed on the double-shell principle and have helped shape the 4-generation of the tried and tested Kristall glove.

  • excellent wearing comfort
  • excellent grip
  • high sense of touch
  • long warming cuff
  • hard-wearing
  • windproof / water-repellent


The KRISTALL FLEX is characterized by a newly developed double-shell form, whose basic concept corresponds to an imitation of the back shield of crab animals. The back of the hand of the new KRISTALL FLEX consists of two parts that move into each other like a chitin shell, giving the glove exceptional flexibility without losing its fit. A further positive effect of this is the additional ventilation. Thanks to the shell principle, the inner glove is optimally ventilated and positively supports the glove climate.

On the inside of the hand, an extremely hard-wearing deerskin is now used. On the upper side of the hand we use the proven high-quality goatskin. Both materials are easy to clean, abrasion-resistant and are wind and water-repellent. The inner lining is made of a moisture-regulating thermal fabric and also serves as an insulating layer. For the final warming cuff on the wrist we use new lycra material. This material is tight-fitting, stretchy, heat-supporting and not bulky. The KRISTALL FLEX is ideal as a 3 season comfort glove. For the cold winter months, it is matched to the basic Onyx overglove and can be perfectly combined.

We would like to thank Chrigel Maurer for the years of cooperation in the development and advancement of our crystal glove.

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To care for the leather, it is important to rub the leather surfaces with a leather grease from time to time, so that the leather is provided with moisture and remains resistant. To wash, put on the leather glove and wash with a mild leather detergent (available in specialist shops) with moderately lukewarm (rather cold) water, as if you were washing your hands. Under no circumstances brush or scrub your hands! Rinse well, squeeze gently (never wring), pull into shape and hang to dry. Absolutely avoid any heat sources such as radiators, dryers, hairdryers, direct sunlight, etc.! When they are almost dry, put on the gloves and knead them to restore their shape and softness. For further care of the leather, a leather grease should be applied to the leather surfaces and massaged in.

Comfort:summer, spring, autumn
Application area:trekking, flying
Function:water-repellent, breathable, windproof, insulating
Gender:men, women
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