Niviuk Artik R

If you are interested in an EN-C paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-C-wings and contact us personally. 

For security reasons, we can not generally recommend wings of this classification. Therefore, we only sell to exceptionally experienced pilots who are personally known or proved their ability in the OLC and various safety trainings. 

If you are interested in such an EN-C paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-C-wings and contact us personally. 

Our shop opens daily all year round, from 9am to 6pm, including at weekends. You can also phone us anytime during these office hours at 06654 – 91 90 55.

An unparalleled experience that will offer you speed, aerodynamics and high performance; at the same time as accessibility, progressivity and the passive safety of an EN C wing. Be at the leading edge with the new Artik R.


Take the leap into a new era and fly as many kilometres as you want. Performance and glide are excellent on the Artik R, with unprecedented stability, safety and comfort for a two-liner.  

Its high thermal efficiency will really impress you. Speed, stability and top performance that will allow you to take your first steps in competition.  

In detail

Top performance
A very fast wing. The two-liner design reduces drag and makes the glider higher performing. It also climbs quickly in thermals thanks to an optimised profile and a solid, efficient leading edge.  

Tailor-made handling
Very easy to fly. As a two-liner, B-riser steering is much more efficient, even at high speeds. The wing is more compact and allows full control without chord deformation, which translates into better responses to inputs and performance.

Glide performance and stability
A different feeling during glides - better, much smoother and more efficient. The Artik R is a dynamic glider, for those who want to go one step further, but with a great solidity that maintains stability in flight, especially in pitch.

Cutting-edge safety
Safety and accessibility are two of its strengths. The Artik R is classified between the Artik 6 and the Peak 6, in order to be able to make a more linear progression at intermediate-advanced flying levels. The performance feels close to a competition wing, but with much more passive safety thanks to the moderate aspect ratio of 6.5 and the applied Niviuk technologies. 


  • Optimised leading edge
    High quality finish with a very clean, crease-free leading edge surface, similar to the external design of the Klimber. By combining 3DL, 3DP and SLE technologies, the shape is maintained, deformation is avoided, giving the glider durability and turbulence is better absorbed.
  • Reinforced internal structure
    A two-liner with a new internal structure and reinforced attachment points to maintain stability. Improved orientation of the internal slots of both in ribs and diagonals, to distribute the loads optimally and reduce the overall weight of the wing. This is based on the knowledge gained in the development of the internal structure of the Peak 6. 
  • New profile
    Pitch stability has been perfected: the glider stays at the pilot's vertical and glides without holding back, using the air mass as energy. The centre of pressure in the new airfoil focuses the lift in the optimum area to achieve the best balance between stability, speed and performance.
  • Refined aerodynamics
    The latest Niviuk technologies have been applied to achieve a high-performance, crease-free airfoil that offers high performance in flight and glide.
  • New cut and stitching
    The application of mini-ribs on the trailing edge reduces air resistance and improves the aerodynamic shape of the wing. The DRS technology has been optimised: the new cut of the trailing edge allows the mini-ribs to be perfectly integrated into the outer panels without visible seams.
  • Nitinol rods
    Based on Niviuk TNT technology, the profile features Nitinol rods to maintain the shape of the wing under all circumstances, even after ultra-compact folding and packing. 
  • Ergo handles
    The Artik R comes with Ergo handles that permit more efficient and comfortable piloting, and which allow efficient B-riser steering.
ASPECT RATIO FLAT6,56,56,56,56,5
ASPECT RATIO PROJECTED4,974,974,974,974,97
AREA FLAT [m²]21,52324,526,529
AREA PROJECTED[m²]18,3619,6420,9222,6324,76
SPAN FLAT[m]11,6812,2312,7513,2513,73
CHORD MAX [m]2,312,392,472,572,69
LINES TOTAL [m]198205212221231
LINES MAIN2-1/32-1/32-1/32-1/32-1/3
RISERS SPEED-BAR [mm]150150170170170
GLIDER WEIGHT [kg]4,354,554,775,15,5
TOTAL WEIGHT IN FLIGHT MIN-MAX [kg]65-8580-9590-105100-120110-135
OPT. WEIGHT IN FLIGHT MIN-MAX [kg]77-8287-9297-102110-115123-128
Niviuk Artik RNiviuk Artik RNiviuk Artik R
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