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Niviuk Takoo 5



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It's time to get closer

The fifth generation of the Takoo marks the end of distancing between pilot and passenger. A stable, safe wing with excellent maneuverability to satisfy the demands of both adventurers.

More light than ever 

Lighter, precise and more direct handling for a more pleasant flight. Enjoy a level of performance that will allow you get the best from your flights.

Endless flights  

The renovation of the internal structure using the RSD technology allows to optimize the orientation of the diagonals. Together with the optimal use of materials in different sections of the glider, the durability and strength of the wing are increased. Maximum safety and accessibility to unleash your adventures.

On a cloud 

Its new airfoil guarantees stability and comfort for both, pilot and passenger. This means less movement for the passenger to provide an experience where fun is the key.


Takoo 5 in detail

Niviuk Takoo 5

Optimisation of the leading edge

The leading edge has been redesigned and features all our latest  technologies, including 3DL, 3DP, SLE and TNT. This reduces creases and makes the wing more taut, which means a cleaner finish and therefore more performance. It also means the wing is more solid and better at absorbing turbulence.

Niviuk Takoo 5

Optimisation oft the trailing edge

With the application of the Drag Reduction Structure (DRS), the airflow is directed more progressively along the trailing edge. This reduces the aerodynamic drag and the brake pressure required.

Niviuk Takoo 5

New internal structure based on the RSD technology

The internal structure has been redesigned by altering the orientation of the diagonal ribs and tension bands to achieve a more optimal distribution of forces to improve durability and reduce deformations.

Niviuk Takoo 5

Optimisation of the reinforcements and attachment point

Due to the redesign of the internal structure, it has been possible to reduce the tension on the attachment points and improve the force distribution.

Niviuk Takoo 5

New profile

This new model features a very stable profile, which translates into less turbulence in flight and helps maintain a more constant speed range. Passenger and pilot will benefit from greater comfort in flight.

Niviuk Takoo 5

More durable lineset

The Takoo 5 has 160 lines; a reduction of 9% in comparison to its predecessor. In order to increase their durability all lines are sheathed.

Niviuk Takoo 5

New feature on the risers

Due to the optimisation of Ear Lock System (ELS) the pilot can adjust the size of the big ears and thus achieve a fast and comfortable descent.

Niviuk Takoo 5

Innovations in the materials

A combination of different cloths improves durability and strength, without compromising on lightness.

On the upper surface, Dokdo 40 g/m2 has been used to provide additional robustness in the front part of the leading edge and Dokdo 36 g/m2 has been used on the remaining part.

The undersurface has been designed with the semi-lightweight Dokdo 32 g/m2 cloth that offers a good balance between weight and durability.

Takoo 5394244
cells number545454

Aspect ratio flat

area flat [m²]384144
area projected [m²]32,1834,7237,66
span flat [m]14,4615,0215,56
chord max [m]3,293,413,54
lines total [m]370385400
risers numberA/B/C/DA/B/C/DA/B/C/D
accelator [mm]100100100
weight in flight [kg]110 - 190 120 - 220140 - 239
glider weight [kg]7,147,518,06
certification [EN/LTF]BBB

Niviuk Takoo 5Niviuk Takoo 5Niviuk Takoo 5Niviuk Takoo 5

  • Takoo 5
  • Koli Bag / Kargo 200
  • Inner bag
  • Risers cover
  • Kit repair
  • Compression straps
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