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The BEAT is the synthesis of several current concepts from our range. So he combines some of his brothers’ strengths.

At the request of many pilots, the BEAT has only robust, sheathed TECHNORA lines on the brakes and stabilo, which stand out clearly from the ground in their orange.
With this decision we follow our conviction that paragliding has to become easier again!
Despite the theoretically higher resistance of these somewhat thicker lines, we could not measure a performance disadvantage, on the contrary. Above all, this wing seems to benefit from its exceptionally clean finish.

The BEAT has a very high level of form stability due to its complex structure. This makes it fly extremely precise and gives excellent feedback!


Our test team immediately liked the first BEAT prototype extremely well. It was love at first sight! The handling is perfectly balanced, the performance is convincing and he also behaved very well in the maneuvers. Once again we had the right feeling and a little bit of luck!

So we are very happy to surprise the pilots with this wing! With the BEAT we are now able to offer 5 B wings (in addition to 4 wings in the A class). With our wide range, we want to make sure that every pilot finds the right wing for himself.

Hannes Papesh


With 56 cells and a flat aspect ratio of 5.3, the BEAT lines up between TENOR and MAESTRO. Technically it is a somewhat slimmed down MAESTRO with a few pinches of ALLEGRO (3 main lines), a little FANTASIA (intake) and of course SYMPHONIA (being extremely well balanced).

number of cells565656565656
projected spanm8,298,749,189,49,6110,02
projected area17,7419,7221,7322,7723,7925,89
projected aspect ratio3,883,883,883,883,883,88
flat spanm10,5111,0711,6311,912,1712,69
flat area20,823,1125,4826,727,930,37
flat aspect ratio5,315,315,315,315,315,31
line lengthm6,246,576,97,077,227,53
total line lengthm250260270280290300
maximum chordm2,452,582,712,772,842,96
minimum chordm0,660,70,730,750,770,8
certified weight rangekg50-7565-8575-9583-10390-110105-130
certification (EN/LTF)BBBBBB
materialPorcher Skytex 32
risersR06 (3+1)
riser lengthmm500540540540540540

Phi BeatPhi BeatPhi Beat

  • Glider
  • compression belt
  • innerbag
  • backpack
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