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Nova Prion 6
3.615,00 €
Nova Windsock
Nova Windsock
22,00 €
At 80cm, the NOVA Windsock medium is large enough to be visible and small enough to indicate even the slightest breeze.
Nova Pilot's Hoodie UNISEX
99,00 €
The perfect companion for flying and everyday wear.
Nova Adjustable Handles
Nova Adjustable Handles
48,00 €
The Adjustable Handle is an innovative brake handle, which can be individually adjusted to the pilot’s hand and this makes it easier to grip.
Nova Aonic
4.099,00 €
The high-end EN A paraglider AONIC impresses with sportiness and performance, which is not usually found with EN A gliders
Nova Riser extension for the Beamer 3 to the Gstar
Nova Riser extension for the Beamer 3 to the Gstar
31,00 €
fort steerable parachutes with two risers
BION Riser Extension
BION Riser Extension
94,00 € 89,00 €
With the extension set, the tandem riser can be extended by approx. 16cm in a few seconds.
Nova Mentor 7 light
5.100,00 €
Less weight, zero limits
Nova Mentor 7
4.555,00 €
Nova Bion 2
4.740,00 €
Like its predecessor, the BION 2 excites professional tandem pilots as well as enthusiastic recreational pilots who want to share their most beautiful moments.
Nova T-Shirt ICONIC Female Nova T-Shirt ICONIC Female
Nova T-Shirt ICONIC Female
41,00 € from 39,00 €
Our NOVA shirt is manufactured using the finest quality Lenzing ProModal material. Wearing it, you will cut a fine figure.
Nova Stuff Sack Nova Stuff Sack
Nova Stuff Sack
45,00 €
The NOVA Stuff Sack reduces the volume of the wing, protects its from dirt and helps to pack it flatter
Nova Pilot's Hoodie Men
89,00 €
The combination of cotton, Modal, Lyocell (Tencel®) and elastane offers great wearing comfort and feels good on skin. Lyocell (Tencel®) regulates the body temperature, stunts the formation of odours and is also quick drying.
Nova Montis
300,00 €
At approximately 300 grams the MONTIS, our mountaineering harness, is both light as a feather and extremely comfortable.
Nova Compression Bag S/M
48,00 €
The NOVA Compression Bag reduces the volume of the wing, protects it from sweat and helps to pack it flatter, which makes carrying it in your rucksack more comfortable.
Nova Concertina Bag Light
105,00 €
lightweight concertina
Nova Xenon
5.875,00 €

If you are interested in an EN-D paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-D-wings and contact us personally

Nova Inverto Nova Inverto
Nova Inverto
290,00 €
The INVERTO is well thought-out 985 gram light rucksack with a volume of 60 litres, which is converted into an airbag in seconds.
Nova Ferus
235,00 €
Comfortable lightweight rucksack
Nova Headband
20,00 €
Keeping you warm in the cold. Our new Headbands.