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NEO String Airbag


Optional/removable back protector

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Name: String Airbag
Accessoire: protection amovible pour sellette parapente
Type: Protection Airbag
Conzept: Protection dorsale et sous-cutale Airbag adaptable à la gamme de sellettes String
Certification: EN/LTF + CE
Size: unique
Weight: 370 gr
Fabrics and materials: Ripstop Polyamid, Stretch Ripstop, Zip YKK
Material: ausschließlich aus Europa
Manufacture: in France

Lightweight back and subcutaneous airbag for your harness NEO String.
This removable airbag fits very easily to the 2 generations of String and String Pack NEO thanks to a rear velcro, two toggles and side clips.

It has a zipped storage pocket where you can slip your bag in before taking off. Its inflation system is efficient thanks to 2 side air scoops, it is EN/LTF certified where it has achieved the remarkable result of shock absorption at 24G.
This removable airbag is also CE certified, European PPE standard.

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