The Logo! Pro + is a reinforced version of the Logo! Pro with a maximum clip-in weight of 140 daN.
899,00 €
Optional/removable back protector
169,00 € *
Ultra-light reversible harness
from 349,00 €
Compact, light and comfortable
420,00 €
The STRAPLESS 2 weighs a mere 195 grams and is designed for the hiker and mountaineer
420,00 € *
the super comfortable 3kg long- distance flight and Hike&Fly harness
from 1.730,00 €
The EXENSE harness was developed with beginners in mind. It is especially simple to operate and extremely reliable, without compromising the renown comfort of the Woody Valley harnesses.
700,00 €
For pilots who like to fly biplace with their kids!
399,00 €