The towing-device SK2 is very similar to our approved SK1, but the SK2 has an integrated pre-acceleration-system.
89,00 € *
The towing device can be attached at the main suspension of the harness or, if the harness have, at special towing loops.
51,00 € *
Sup'Air rigid tandem spreader-bars
75,00 €
Stable, pleasant to operate and of high quality: The speed system from NOVA.
30,00 € *
CHARLY AustriAlpin Powerfly carabiners
25,90 € *
The UP Foot Stirrup is adaptable to almost all paragliding harnesses which aren't already fitted with a foot stirrup.
35,00 € *
The ultimate paragliding titanal (alloy 7075 T6) carabiner.
29,80 € *
Our Protect Bag makes it possible to gently pack your paraglider. Using Protect Bag for packing, the glider is folded "cell to cell", thus treated with care.
89,00 € *
Two colours red/white or red/yellow – essential wind indicators for takeoff and landing, or a good attention-getter at home; visible from a good distance.
29,00 €