Tandem wings

Fun for two
4.385,00 €
The PASSENGER 2 brings the agile solo handling to the two seater class for the first time – high turn propensity with low control pressure are making the PASSENGER 2 a very efficient work tool for every tandem pilot.
3.790,00 €
The new BIBETA 6 tandem for professionals will be launched in November. Development is finished and certification is under way.
4.840,00 €
for professional and private pilots
4.990,00 €
from 4.520,00 €
Whether in commercial or private use, Air-Taxi² inspires with its characteristics and gives pilot and passenger time for the most important thing when airborne: having fun!
3.850,00 €
EN B | Tandem
4.550,00 €
Like its predecessor, the BION 2 excites professional tandem pilots as well as enthusiastic recreational pilots who want to share their most beautiful moments.
4.740,00 €
As a responsible tandem pilot, safety is your chief concern. The JOIN'T3 is also fun!
4.200,00 €
Share your adventure moments with the worldwide first lightweight tandem glider with LTF-A certification.
3.548,00 € *
The professional’s choice for pilot pleasure & passenger comfort.
4.700,00 €
Specifically designed for adventure teams
4.990,00 € *
from 4.530,00 €
make daily tandem flying enjoyable
4.460,00 €
The PARAMOTION is the first paraglider which is adaptable to almost all circumstances.
3.748,00 € Weight 7.8 kg
5.100,00 € *
Bringing passion and joy to something will produce the best results.
4.690,00 €
extremely easy starting and landing
4.400,00 €