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Kingfa FFP2 NR KF-A F10 (SC) 10 pcs. with CE Zertifizierung

Product number: 80010026

1,60 EUR/pcs.

Particle filtering half mask

The Kingfa FFP2 respirator KF-A F10 (SC) was presented in the TV program ZDF WISO and rated as trustworthy and safe. The foldable particle-filtering half mask with adjustable nose clip is very well suited for the corona pandemic period for self-protection and protection of others thanks to its highly efficient, valuable filter material insert (meltblown). It effectively protects against aerosols, fine dust particles, pollen as well as airborne droplets. FFP masks must meet strict requirements of laws and technical standards. The filtering performance of the mask material is tested against the European standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009 with aerosols. The filtering performance of FFP2 masks must be at least 94%. They are thus proven to provide effective protection, especially against aerosols. The CE mark indicates that the FFP masks have undergone a successful verification procedure (conformity assessment procedure). Classification: FFP2 NR EN149:1001 und A1:2009 Certification: CE 0598 Materials: Vliesstoff, Gewebe aus Polypropylenschmelzen Design: ergonomische Passform dank elastischer Ohrschlaufen und internem Metallnasenclip Number of layers: 5
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