Whether you want to start with a backpack motor, trike or flyke: Before buying a paramotor equipment, a careful analysis of your needs and requirements is important.


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CHARLY AustriAlpin Powerfly carabiners
28,00 € *
Specifically designed for adventure teams
4.890,00 € *
With the extension set, the tandem riser can be extended by approx. 16cm in a few seconds.
94,00 € 89,00 € *
from 2.850,00 €
Designed for tough situations. The full suspension trike offers durability at a high level. Equipped a very comfortable seat an infinite seat adjustment for almost every pilot weight and length. It is suitable from students to professional flyers.
3.320,00 € *
There are obvious advantages: You can enjoy the comfort and simplicity of this Aircraft and also use it on the road to get to your airfield or plan trips.
2.990,00 € *
The Monster is offered in 2 different pilot's suspensions. Monster CB and Monster Jettison. However, this engine finds his most use in connection with a Flyke/Trike.
5.471,00 €
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