All-round harnesses provide comfort and protection. They are therefore the best recommendation for the majority of all pilots. Each manufacturer has all-round harnesses in the range. You can choose from different protector systems, leg loop concepts, designs and additional features. Out of this selection, we can help you to find the harness that fits you best.

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The sporty lightweight: ALTUS – lightness meets safety
714,00 €
The BREEZE is a recreational harness with a simple design that fulfills the most diverse demands. In short, it is: comfortable, safe, lightweight and modular!
1.030,00 €
The perfect all rounder in a comfortable lightweight package.
790,00 €
The EXENSE harness was developed with beginners in mind. It is especially simple to operate and extremely reliable, without compromising the renown comfort of the Woody Valley harnesses.
730,00 €
One of the lightest harnesses in its class
850,00 € Weight 3.7 kg
Advance Success 5
1.330,00 €
Freestyle is a very light all-round harness, which meets the needs of ambitious thermal pilots as well as the needs of free style pilots who are keen on speedriding.
999,00 €
The genial comfort harness from Papillon
1.090,00 €
Easy to use, performant and light
990,00 €
The Karma II was designed to respond to remarks concerning the Karma, namely that the weight and bulk were too high.
789,00 €
Sleek and clutter-free lightweight harness that is easy to use.
1.100,00 €
Safety, Efficiency & durability
790,00 €
The practice harness with relaxation factor
999,00 €
ADVANCE beginner harness
990,00 €
The revised Logo Pro now is even lighter than before. It is a robust, reasonably priced harness.
849,00 €
Uncomplicated all-round harness
1.030,00 €
The new all-round harness from Skywalk, the CULT4 features force distribution frame, side protectors, variable back length and buckle safety sliders!
890,00 €
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