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This kit contains everything you need to replace the glass lens cover on any HERO and HERO 2 camera.
24,95 € 5,00 € *
Chinguard for Airstyle Felix
49,00 € 5,00 €
The 3D HERO System allows you to combine two HD HERO2 or two HD HERO Original cameras (sold separately) into a single housing to record synchronized 2D videos that can be converted into immersive 3D using GoPro Studio software.
119,95 € 29,00 € *
169,00 € 149,00 € *
These attachment keys and key rings make it easy to attach your GoPro Smart Remote or Wi-Fi Remote to your key chains, backpack straps and zippers, lanyards and more.
12,95 € 5,00 € *