Papillon Compression Tube light

The Compression Tube light is made of super light, durable material and was developed to reduce the size of the paraglider when packing. With its advanced technology, it enables efficient compression of the wing, which not only significantly reduces the packing volume, but also facilitates transport and careful storage.

The design of this product ensures reliable compression without compromising the structure or performance of the paraglider. By using the Compression Tube Light, the paraglider remains protected and ready for the next flight while being lighter and more compact to pack.

The ease of use and light weight make this accessory an essential companion for any paraglider pilot who values efficiency, performance and comfort. Experience a new level of comfort and freedom on your flying adventures with the Papillon Paragliders Compression Tube Light.
  • Lightweight
  • Compression packed
  • Protective for your paraglider
  • Optimal in combination with light and x-alps harness
  • For Hike & Fly
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