The new innovative U-Turn speed system provides easy boarding, as it adjusts to the flight direction.
29,95 € *
Speed System including lines, brummel hooks and stopper.
25,00 € *
UP Speed System: Three steps accelerator for more speed.
39,00 € *
The complete speed system consists of a carbon speedbar with webbing loop, lines and Brummel hooks. ADVANCE also offers a LIGHT speedsystem.
53,00 € *
Stable, pleasant to operate and of high quality: The speed system from NOVA.
30,00 € *
This ultralight speed-system (22 grams) is perfect for the String
29,00 € *
The Free*Spee allows you to adjust your speed system optimally at any time.
59,90 € *
The ICARO speed bar is the most up to date speed system on the market. Light, robust, functional and easy to handle.
65,00 € *
The high-quality speed bar out of carbon is light and resilient.
48,00 € *
Double stage speed bar
24,00 € *