Set: "EMO 3"

This set includes: Paraglider U-Turn Emotion 3, Harness U-Turn RX3, Rescue U-Turn Secure III, Flight Helmet Airstyle Felix

4.718,00 €

The EMOTION 3 is the perfect wing for beginners that promises the secure fun-factor even long after school. The wing is aimed at all pilots, who are looking for a high-end A-class wing in the newest generation.

Designs: yellow-red, blue-green, rainbow

The new all-round harness by U-Turn the name says it all. RX3 stands for relax to the power of 3 and this applies to the seating comfort as well as to the very high safety standard through the innovative foam protector. The light all-round harness is offering comfort in highest quality and processing – built for athletic adventurers. 

Reserve U-Turn Secure III Rapid opening, thanks to the Rapid Inflation System (RIS), short measuring and light weight material, minimal sinking rates and broad weight ranges: These are the features of the Rescuers of the PROTECT series by U-Turn, Advance and Swing.

Set: EMO 3

Individual Prices
U-Turn Emotion 32998 €
U-Turn RX3849 €
ReserveU-Turn Secure III690 €
HelmetAirstyle Felix120 €
Papillon Setprice only 3890 €

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