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If you are interested in an EN-C paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-C-wings and contact us personally. 

For security reasons, we can not generally recommend wings of this classification. Therefore, we only sell to exceptionally experienced pilots who are personally known or proved their ability in the OLC and various safety trainings. 

If you are interested in such an EN-C paraglider, please read our Safety Advice to EN-C-wings and contact us personally. 

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The name HELIOS is a tribute to the sun, which is what makes cross-country flights and flying adventures possible in the first place.

Helios RS is the name of our new C-class lightweight performance glider. With the Helios RS we have addressed the dogma that more performance means a less comfortable flight. With its unique construction, lightweight no longer needs to mean there will be a sharp drop off in performance over time.

Even during its development phase, the XC all-rounder became our test pilots’ absolute favorite wing with its direct and precise handling.

Having a lightweight glider with the Helios RS level of performance, low pack volume, combined with incredible comfort will encourage you to experiment with alternative launch sites and new routes away from the beaten track. And should conditions ever become more demanding, the HELIOS RS is very easy to control for a glider in the C-class, thanks to the RAST system.

Where the AGERA RS is designed for fast and uncompromising gliding, the HELIOS RS is a totally new and uniquely designed glider. The precision tool in the box, with agile and precise handling, happy in all conditions it will deal calmly and confidently with difficult situations, temperamental thermals and strong turbulence making it the perfect lightweight glider for all your adventures.

  • One of the lightest C Class gliders on the market with weights from just 3.6 kg
  • Combines the sportiness of the C-class with the highest level of flying comfort
  • Minimal degradation in performance because of Nitinol reinforcements and intelligent line geometry
* in Bearbeitung / in progress    
LTF homologation    
CEN homologationCCCC
permissible weight range [kg]
min./max. inkl. Equipment
Wing area [m²]20,822,424,927
Wing area projected [m²]1819,421,623,4
Wing span [m]11,211,712,312,9
Projected wing span [m]9,19,41010,4
Aspect ratio6,16,16,16,1
Projected aspect ratio4.64.64.64,6
Glider weight [kg]3,63,94,14,4
Min. sink rate [m/s]
Trim speed [km/h]40±140±140±140±1
Max speed [km/h]54±254±254±254±2
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