Papillon Genius

Product number: 20180486

The genial comfort harness from Papillon

Genius: The ingenious comfort harness from Papillon

The flight instructors of Papillon Paragliding supervise over 100,000 take-offs of students and pilots every year. The detailed analysis of this worldwide unique wealth of experience flows significantly into the development of Papillon paragliding equipment.

In combination with our own many years of pilot experience and the knowledge gained from current harness development, the knowledge gained in this way forms the basis for the Genius, the first Papillon harness to be launched on the market.

In close cooperation with the Papillon flight instructor team, the developers Ernst Strobel and Jens Salomon have developed a comfort harness that ideally complements the Papillon Paragliders product line.

Goal: Highest possible safety, combined with first class flight behaviour

The Genius is the first harness to use the specially developed Flight Stabilisation System (FFS).

FSS: The Flight Stabilisation System allows the pilot to adjust the agility of the harness to his level of ability and to the respective terrain requirements (e.g. for thermal flying or dune soaring). With three colour-coded adjustment options on the lower cross bracing, the Genius makes it easy to select the best position for each situation.

Genius: Ingenious features for relaxed and safe flying

When designing the leg loops, the developers took care to ensure that pressure points in the leg and crotch area are prevented by appropriate padding, even with intensive ground handling units.

The Genius offers long-distance suitability due to its high seating comfort. XC pilots in particular will appreciate the fact that they can easily supplement the harness with a leg extension with integrated speed system: This combination of leg extension and speed system has the advantage that the leg extension is attached very close to the karabiner suspension. This allows the pilot, similar to a recumbent harness, to shift the legs to support the particularly advantageous body weight control.

The protector: very light and extendable, if necessary

The newly developed foam protector, weighing 28.45 grams, is not only extremely light but also part of one of the best protector systems currently available worldwide. It consists of a main protector and a lumbar protector; if desired, the back area can be additionally protected with one of two versions of the BPO from SAS-TEC.

EOS one: Optimized rescue container

In an emergency, it is important that the pilot can release his rescue system quickly and without obstacles. It is therefore not without reason that the compatibility of pilot and harness is ensured in the so-called "K-Probe". Thanks to the newly developed rescue container compartment EOS one (Easy Opening System) directly under the seat board, the rescue handle on the Genius can be easily reached in practically any situation.

The container handle is shaped in such a way that the rescue system can also be quickly and easily released with the left hand. Special markings on the container and on the container compartment facilitate the installation of the inner container and offer an additional control possibility.

With the cutter knife in the right side pocket the Genius offers another safety feature: In an emergency situation the pilot can quickly separate from the glider if necessary.

Genius: Optimized for you

With this harness the developers express their passion for flying. The result: a versatile yet clearly laid out comfort harness which, thanks to the Flight Stabilisation System, can be individually adapted to your particular flying plans and behaviour.

Whether you are just starting out in flying, if you are a hobby pilot or a frequent flyer, the Genius is designed and built to provide you with maximum comfort and safety in every phase of flight.

Weight [kg]4,34,54,6
Towing capacity [kg]max. 120max. 120max. 120
Seat board width [cm]343639
Suspension hight [cm]394446
Chest strap width (min/max) [cm]31/4733/4737/53
Chest strap hight [cm]364043
Seat depth [cm]424648
Back adjustment (min/max) [cm]9/189/2110,5/21
Back section [cm]545559
Papillon GeniusPapillon Genius
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