Skytraxx 3.0 FANET+FLARM

Product number: 20171869

Skytraxx 3.0 FANET+FLARM: High End Variometer Skytraxx 3.0 with colordisplay, Fanet and FLARM.

Skytraxx 3.0 FANET+FLARM: High End Variometer Skytraxx 3.0 with colordisplay, Fanet and FLARM.  

Technical Data

► ARM Cortex-A5 @ 500Mhz

► 8 GB Memory

► USB Host + Client (OTG)

► WiFi via USB

► Global Navigation Sattelite System

► G-Force Sensor

► Pressuresensor

► ACC Sensor

► Gyro

► Lightsensor

► Magnetic compass

Battery: Lithium Ionen Akku 3,7 V 6.800 mAh

Dimension: (LxBxH) 110 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm

Weight: 310 Gramm


The "Flying ad-hoc Network" (FANET) offers the ability to automatically interconnect flight instruments w/o the need of any infrastructure. It is intended to be an open standard which operates worldwide on a license-free radio frequency. Additionally base stations can exchange data for example wind information with the mobile instruments. Those stations will typically be placed close to take-off and landing sites and will also be able to forward position information required for live-tracking to the Internet.

Aswell as wind information broadcasted by the base stations a pilot can also see other pilots data using this technology. Depending what information the remote pilot wants to share and depending on local filter settings the information are displayed in a well structured manner.
The communication distance of up to 20km (12 miles) automatically gets doubled once other intermediate glider are present. Those pilots using FANET act as an relay and forward information. FANET has many more services than pure tracking. It supports search-and-rescue, short messaging and much more to come. 


Flight-Alarm (FLARM) is well known in the glider and powered aircraft domain. Based on accurate GPS position information and various other techniques it can reliable predict a flight trajectory. This information is encrypted, broadcasted and used to aid in collision risk calculations.

More than 30,000 manned aircrafts and many UAVs are equipped with FLARM today. In Europe almost 100% of the gliders are equipped with FLARM.

FANET becomes FANET+

Every flight instrument manufactured by Skytraxx with build in FANET will also include FLARM. FANET already aids flight planning and safety and by including FLARM the pilot is visible not only to FANET equipped aircraft but to all FLARM aircraft aswell. All FLARM equipped gliders, helicopters or powered aircrafts can detect FANET+ device at an very early stage and plan their flight path in order to avoid a collision.
  • Skytraxx 3.0
  • Skytraxx Safetybox
  • Case with velcro
  • Charger 100-240V
  • USB cabel
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