flight helmets

A good flight helmet offers complete protection without restricting the view. It should be light, perfectly fitting and comfortable. You should also make sure that your helmet meets the standards for flight helmets. For best protection, we recommend an integral flight helmet instead of a helmet with no chin protection. Flight helmets for hang gliding and paragliding are available in many different styles, colors and designs. For paramotor pilots helmets with integrated hearing protection and wireless headset are particularly suitable.

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The PILOT helmet was specially developped by SUP’AIR for paragliding school. It is modern, comfortable and very light.
115,00 €
Certified helmet for paragliding (CE EN 966) and skiing (EN 1077).
135,00 €
multi-activities helmet certified for 6 sports
99,00 €
The new Hi-Tec (EN 966 HPG standard) is an open, lightweight hard shell helmet with a good fit and many outstanding features
129,00 €
for Icaro UL helmet TZ
from 65,00 €
Icaro Visor for Skyrunner
from 59,00 €
Optional Icaro visor for Nerv
45,00 €
Robust half-shell helmet specifically designed for paramotor pilots. With hearing protection and integrated wireless headset.
339,00 €
SkyRunner, a helmet built using the same technology as in military applications, including high-modulus glass fibre and high-density polystyrol to guarantee the highest possible standards of safety.
180,00 €
A lightweight, very comfortable and modern helmet with EN 966 certification.
from 140,00 €
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